If you are new to meditation and wondering if it can be effective for you, here’s a quick five-minute stress-relief meditation practice for when you are short on time.

Don’t forget, when trying a meditation technique for the first few times – especially when you are on your own, you may find it difficult to relax and be able to get the most from your session.

But try this meditation regularly and you should find that gradually, you will feel less stressed and ready to face the challenges ahead.

Enjoy your meditation session!


Prepare for your meditation session: Find a quiet place where you can have time to yourself without being disturbed. Wear some comfortable clothing.  Although not essential for your meditation session, playing meditation music or using aromatherapy candles or oils can enhance your experience.

Make time for yourself: Set a timer on your computer, smartphone or clock for your five minute session. This way, you can relax in the knowledge that you won’t be staying in meditation for too long.

When  you are ready, just follow the following steps.

Step 1: Relax:

When you are ready, close your eyes and relax. Take a few deep breaths and slowly breathe out releasing the tension from your body.

Step 2: Visualise:

Try to visualise the tension leaving your body. Let it melt away with every breath.

Step 3: Slowing down your thoughts:

This doesn’t mean “thinking of nothing” – instead you will be slowing down the fluctuation of your thoughts. To do this, focus on the present moment and when thoughts enter your mind (which they will do), gently acknowledge them and let them go – returning your focus to the present moment. This does take practice, but in time you will learn that by constantly bringing your mind back to the present moment you are in fact, meditating!

Step 4: Keep going:

Continue this process for five minutes and then you will return to your day feeling more relaxed and focused. The effects of meditation feel different for different people, but simply focus on the sensations you are feeling in your body. Focus on your breath – or on letting go.


I really hope you enjoy this quick five minute meditation session and that it brings you relief.

Sometimes, we need a helping hand – and as your meditation teacher, I will work with you to develop and perfect your own meditation techniques – tailored to address any pressing issues you may have.

My approach and philosophy is to help you to live a fuller and happier life so you can look forward to a fresh future.

Beliefs, habits and behaviors can put a cloud over your joy. But with Meditation, Hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy you can remove and dispel limiting beliefs you have about yourself which will give you much better coping skills when dealing with challenges life can sometimes bring.

I feel that by introducing people at a pace which is most comfortable with them (whether they are new or familiar with any of my services and practice) makes it easier and effortless and more enjoyable. This will help and entice you to sustain the direction you want to move to.

Each session is personal and individual to suit your specific needs.

My friendly, easy manner will put you at ease and will make it more comfortable for you to relax and enjoy the session. Many of my clients get excited about the possibilities that is available to them.

So if you are inspired and want to take the next step to a new you, please visit my website www.julietjonesmeditation.co.uk and request your FREE 30 minute discovery call.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you!